Script to download all of the Greek school books from

We all know the fact that this year the Greek students won't be getting their school books until October-November. In addition, the Ministry of Education hasn't sent to every school yet the DVD's they promised with all of the material necessary.

However, the Ministry of Education has uploaded all of the school books online. I visited the site and I saw that they have each book split into different chapters and each chapter having sections e.t.c, e.t.c. One should visit 100 links and download 100 pdfs one by one to get all his books for the year.

So, I created the following script so you can download the books from the Ministry's site. Also, uploaded them on rapidshareΑ_Δημοτικού.zipΒ_Δημοτικού.zipΓ_Δημοτικού.zipΔ_Δημοτικού.zipΕ_Δημοτικού.zipΣΤ_Δημοτικού.zipΑ_Γυμνασίου.zipΒ_Γυμνασίου.zipΓ_Γυμνασίου.zipΑ_Λυκείου.zipΒ_Λυκείου.rar 

Lastly, happy to see them published over here also, eidhsh


You can download the script here