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Controlling a Missile Launcher via a Windows Phone 7 device

Today I became the lucky owner of a small missile launcher, a funny gadget that connects to you PC and lets you throw small missiles to your friends and colleagues.            


This device comes with a software app that you can use to control it, but unfortunately it would not work on my Windows 7 x64 system. So, I began searching for a workaround and an “SDK”, and I found it here http://code.google.com/p/usb-missile-launcher/

I immediately downloaded it and after a small trick (compile the lib in x86, so the emulation would work) I got it to work. Suddenly, it bumped to me. Why wouldn’t I create a small Windows Phone 7 application to control the device?

So, it turned out to be pretty easy! I developed a Windows Forms application that exposes some web service operations that control the missile launcher. Then, I created a Silverlight app for Windows Phone 7 that consumes these services and … it was ready! A fun 60’ project :)

Enjoy the video, and download the source code at https://skydrive.live.com/?cid=10e568adbb498dc8#cid=10E568ADBB498DC8&id=10E568ADBB498DC8%211600