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Must have tools and libraries for Windows Phone 7 Developers (and others)


Windows Phone Power Tools: This tool opens the door to your Windows Phone. You can view and move files to and from the Isolated File Storage, launch, kill, install and uninstall apps and get detailed information about your device.


NuGet: The days of scourging the Internet for libraries is over. With Microsoft’s NuGet you can find the assemblies and references you need and add them to your project without opening your browser. Check out this post on how to use it (http://studentguru.gr/b/softwarebytes/archive/2012/02/01/small-introduction-to-nuget.aspx).



Paint.NET: This program is Microsoft Paint for developers. It lets you quickly and easily edit images in ways that Paint just can’t (like making something transparent) without the hassle of spending time and money on Photoshop. It’s perfect for working with .png files and making images for hubtiles, live tiles, buttons, icons and logos.


Resharper: Resharper takes IntelliSense to the next level by making sure you always follow the best programming practice. It makes your code more functional and look more professional and makes coding faster and easier.


Libraries (don’t worry they’re all free and open source)

Silverlight Toolkit: This toolkit from Microsoft is really just part 2 of the Windows Phone SDK. It contains everything you need to build a Metro User Interface that wasn’t in the main SDK.


Coding4Fun Toolkit: Programming can be frustrating at times and this toolkit contains everything you need to make your life much easier. Phone data is easier to access, data binding is more straightforward and there’s a whole bunch of useful controls like the round button, the color picker and the input prompt.


WP7Utils: This collection of handy methods lets you fly things in and out of your page when clicked, add tilt effects to your UI elements and more to give your app that Metro feel.


Facebook SDK: No app is complete without that social touch. This API lets your users sign in with their Facebook names, like, comment and post to their wall and lets you access all their juicy private information.



Farseer Physics: Great for simulations, XNA games or anything with graphics in it, this toolkit provides everything you need for a realistic 2D physics environment.

FACT: Using this toolkit and Expression Blend it is possible to make an Angry Birds clone in a few minutes without writing a single line of code.


Charts: Contains Silverlight controls for cool pie charts and bar charts. Just add the .dll to your project and you can take your data to the next level.



Augmented Reality Toolkits: One moment its a weird black pattern on a piece of paper and the next it’s a 3D model of Chewbacca. These two toolkits let you quickly and easily add Augmented Reality features to your app.




ProjNet: For Bing Maps aficionados, lets you convert between different coordinate systems.



NAudio: Everything you need for processing sound and working with MIDI in .NET.