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Photoshop templates for Windows Phone 7

Have you ever tried to take a screenshot of the Windows Phone 7 emulator? It's both difficult and ugly, as the emulator's background remains in the final picture. Do you need some fully-editable Photoshop templates for Windows Phone 7? Do you need to design a panorama or pivot page in Photoshop? If the answer to any of the above questions is "yes", then here you are: Download my free Windows Phone 7 Photoshop templates (part 1 - part 2) to update your design toolbox!

Specifically, the .psd files include: A sample portrait page, a sample landscape page, a sample panorama page and a sample pivot page.

Windows Phone 7 panorama page (Photoshop template)

I have also attached some screenshots from a few great well-known apps in order to show you how to place the screenshots from your own applications. Let's see how you can use it taking the portrait page as an example. The default .psd file looks like this:

Windows Phone 7 portrait page (Photoshop template)

After selecting your application page (using a program such as the Windows 7 Snipping Tool), you simply drag your screenshot to Photoshop. The .psd file will look like this:

Windows Phone 7 Seesmic application

As I said, the templates are fully editable. You need Segoe WP font installed to view them correctly. You may notice that I have removed the two vertical black lines from the emulator (I really hate them). Well, if you want to display them back, simply hide the "Hide lines" layer.

Download the Photoshop templates.